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Zero Gravity Program Overview

In 2017, LAB B’s Zero Gravity students took on an entrepreneurial venture with a “Built in Brampton” sweater campaign to raise awareness of city pride and youth initiatives.

The sweater campaign started with the idea of wanting to build awareness of art and culture while aiming to represent people who reside in Brampton. By the end, the sweater campaign became about more than representing people. It became about bringing people together and sharing a common connection.

The students were able to surpass their goal by three times the amount of sweaters sold. The campaign was later continued by our next cohort in May 2018. This next campaign included a summer collection of the “Built in Brampton” line including a long-sleeve shirt, a baseball cap, and a variety of short-sleeve t-shirts.

Over the two campaigns, the students were able to coordinate a photoshoot with Mayor Linda Jeffrey and worked with local influencers, including the co-founders of T By Daniel, Daniel and Renata Lewis, Nikita Brown from the Bramptonist, and local artist, Rajan.

The importance of this campaign was the learning outcome that these high school students were able to achieve. This included developing strong project management skills, being able to develop and execute a marketing plan, to create a tangible product and to develop a businesslike mindset.

Over the course of the semester, the Zero Gravity students also took part in an experiential learning model.

“The Zero Gravity Program activates high school students to become lifelong learners in the digital world. Our students develop skills sets that employers want and that help build an entrepreneurial mindset,”

Harpreet Zingh — Cofounder of LAB B

“This is a fundamental part of the growth of youth in the Brampton community, as it provides students with resources and tools to build a foundation for themselves.”

This program consisted of the students learning about developing fields including digital marketing and web-development through a variety of workshops, activities and various projects. By the end of the cohorts, the students were prepared and ready to launch their biggest project yet, the “Built in Brampton” campaign.

“The Zero Gravity Program has provided me with the opportunity to build something from scratch and to use my own inspiration to create an impactful design”

Caitlin Nunes-Pavao — Zero Gravity (Web Development & Entrepreneurial Team Member)

Highlights of both campaigns:

  1. Feature on CBC Metro Morning Show with Matt Galloway (2017).
  2. Mayor Linda Jeffrey gifted the sweater to Major League TFC Soccer Player Jonathan Osorio (2017).
  3. Video shoot with local artist, Rajan (2018).
  4. Photoshoot and video shoot with Mayor Linda Jeffrey (2017/2018).
  5. Community impact – creating a stronger resonance with Bramptonians (2017/2018)

Why it is important to foster entrepreneurship in youth:

Fostering entrepreneurship in youth means fostering stability, dedicated and motivated individuals. It is important to foster entrepreneurship in youth early on, in order to promote social and economic change.

The Zero Gravity program at LAB B provides this opportunity to youth by providing them with a supportive environment where they can receive mentorship.

Benefits of youth entrepreneurship:

  1. Risk Taking/Management – Being able to calculate risks
  2. Making a difference/ adaptability
  3. Establishing independence 
  4. Strategic and critical thinking skills
  5. Driving motivation: Long-term thinking

The overall result of this campaign highlights the importance of youth initiatives and the strength of community building.

The Zero Gravity program is proudly sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), the Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF), and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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