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What you should know about Brampton

Are you a university student coming back unrivalled for the summer? Here are some things you should know…

LAB B is a space to incubate all your entrepreneurial ideas. 

Many students dabble in startup culture when they go off to university and college. Ryerson University has the famous DMZ, Waterloo has their Velocity and Communitech partnerships, and UTM has the I-CUBE. Coming back to Brampton, many students find themselves disappointed to have their startup ambitions come to a sudden halt in the summer. Luckily, LAB B provides workspace and support to continue these entrepreneurial endeavours. 

Summer Company (and the BEC) will provide you funding for your business. 

On the topic of entrepreneurship, funding is another concern young entrepreneurs face. The summer is a great time to focus on scaling your business because you don’t have to juggle school work. The Brampton Entrepreneurship Centre (BEC) offers tremendous support for early-stage entrepreneurs with programs like Summer Company which offers $3,000. Summer Company is a provincial program focused on students who want to start businesses. This initial investment is enough to get you on your feet. The Brampton Entrepreneurship Centre also offers an accelerator program, which is not exclusive to students, offered perennially throughout the year and provides $5,000 in funding.

Bramptonist is your source for everything cool, from new food spots to events happening during the summer.

Bramptonist has been operating for a few years, but it’s been progressively getting more popular. This website has personality and spunk. They capture the cultural pulse of the city extremely well. They’re extremely up-to-date with the most relevant information about the coolest new restaurants, events, and pop culture.

Brampton Says is your source for new music from local artists and music events that are happening in the city 

With the influx of young people this summer (with much of the initial exodus attributed to escape the “uncool” city), many people are looking for reasons to be proud of Brampton. Brampton Says is devoted to that very cause, establishing itself as a media company dedicated to telling the stories of Brampton’s musical talent. They will keep you up to date with the latest music and musical opportunities in Brampton. This summer, they will be hosting a series of summer concerts in downtown Brampton.

The Summer Concert series will provide live music in downtown Brampton.

Wednesdays and Fridays will see live music in Garden Square located in downtown Brampton. Wednesdays will feature Brampton-based talent and Friday will have talent from across Canada. In addition to musical evenings, Brampton will feature cool events like a Youtuber series in July.

Cool food spots to check out. Food tourism has really blown up lately in Brampton.

From Firangi, a hip Indian restaurant owned by The Host featuring Hatecopy artwork, to T by Daniel, the Brampton staple that is now associated with British royalty. Brampton’s food scene is unrivaled. Check out our list of best restaurants in Brampton.

The Chinguacousy Library offers free studio time.

For students looking to develop their musical skills or start a podcast, the Chinguacousy Branch offers an impressive studio equipped with recording software and microphones. You have the opportunity to refine your production and mixing skills on Pro Tools. The best part of this all is that it’s completely free as long as you have a library card. You can also borrow GoPros if you wanted to dabble in videography.

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