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Virtual Office: 9 Reasons Why You Need One

As a small business owner, many of us start at home. But with the comes the imbalance of work and home life. It can show up as unprofessional by investors and clients. A simple yet effective solution to this issue is to get a Virtual Office. Having a mailing address can save business owners from a lot of stress. Here are ten reasons why you should have a Virtual Office in Brampton.


When it comes to package deliveries it can be hard to set a time to receive the packages whilst in the middle of having meetings with clients, investors. Having a virtual office at LAB B will ensure someone is at the location when your packages arrive. Once the package arrives we will hold onto your package until you are in a position to pick it up.

Work Home Balance

A con of starting a new business is losing the work home balance as both parts of lives start to intertwine. A perk of having a virtual office in Brampton is being able to have the privacy of your personal as your clients and business partners will not need to send mail to your home. Once your mail arrives, you will be notified immediately, to ensure that you are aware you can pick it up.

Mail Security

Having mail sent to the house can be unsafe as your mail can remain in an open mailbox or bigger packages can be left at the door. This can become a threat to your client and/or business’ confidentiality. With a Virtual Office, your mail is kept secure and away in locked storage.



For a small price, business owners can look much more professional in the eyes of clients and investors. A con of starting a small business is having to use your home address as your business address, as it gives you an unprofessional reputation, while also not being able to afford an office. With a virtual office, business owners can have their mail delivered to LAB B’s mailing address, as well as host meetings with business partners!

Receive urgent mail ASAP

With a virtual office, if mail cannot be picked as urgent as it needs to be addressed, once you get the notification that your mail has arrived, email us back and one of our team members can scan and send you your mail through email if it is easier! We also can always send a picture of what mail has arrived, and if it isn’t important you don’t have to pick it up right away

Personal Privacy

The address affiliated with your business becomes public information, being used in places such as google maps. When using your home address for your business, people can easily locate your personal address which is a risk for you and your family.

Virtual office


Virtual offices give business owners the option they never had before. A couple of years ago, startups would have to sign a lease to rent an office in order to receive a business address. This is not budget-friendly as startups have many other costs and an office is a luxury at that stage.

Virtual Offices can help with

  • Opening business bank accounts
  • Registering your business domain name
  • Receiving statements, invoices, and payments
  • Filing for permits and licenses
  • Having your business listed in Google, Yelp, etc.

Member Perks

Not only is your mail secure and in a safe place. Having a virtual office with LAB B, the coworking space in downtown Brampton, allows members to rent the event space out for 25% off. Another membership perk a virtual office member receives is the ability to drop into the space if you ever have a meeting, with clients for your business. Virtual Office members can also drop in once in a while to work from the space.

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