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Remote and Coworking

Remote working is becoming a mainstream trend for many individuals and companies.

More companies are offering the advantage of being able to work remotely in hopes of establishing more productivity with their employees. However, how beneficial is remote working.

Remote working can works differently for all types of people. For some people it works, for others, it doesn’t. Remote working can be beneficial for those looking to work in an environment with fewer distractions and to work in an environment where they feel more focused. Or for some, it may be the value of not having to commute. For starters, what is remote working? Remote working is the ability to work from home or from a space outside of the office, such as a coworking space. What is a coworking space? A coworking space is an office or other working environment used by people who are self-employed or working for different employers who used a shared space, equipment, ideas and knowledge.

The main concern of remote working is whether or not remote teams can achieve the same productivity with the convenience of working at home. However, individuals have stated that working from home is actually more beneficial because it allows them to work in a space with no distractions from others, which in turn helps them focus better. Read the debate on LinkedIn here.

Here are some benefits of working remotely:

  1. People who work from home have shown to be more focused and have had an increase in productivity. This is due to fewer distractions that would occur in an office environment.
  2. No commute time. Saving commute expenses and time traveling is a huge benefit for individuals who work from home. This accommodation helps individuals to feel more energized and focused without having to worry about a long commute to work..
  3. Health benefits. Working from home in a comfortable environment has shown to have health benefits as it decreases stress levels.
  4. Working from home also benefits the company. According to an article on Monster, “For employers telecommuting can limit absences, increase productivity, and save money.”

How to make remote working work?

The key to being successful and productive while remote working is to have strong communication with your colleagues. Behavioural Scientist studies have shown that high exchange in communication has resulted in higher performance. This is due to rapid burst in communication increasing team performance. When team performance is increased, more information is communicated faster, which results in more work being completed. Whereas, when there is a lack of communication, projects are delayed and quality of work is decreased.

How does remote working relate to coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces offer a unique space where individuals can work remotely while still being in an office-like environment. The benefits of using a coworking space are that they are in a more accessible location, and it provides you more than a coffee shop. Many people like to use coffee shops, such as Starbucks, as a getaway to focus and get work done. Coworking spaces not only provide you unlimited coffee but an access to a network of like-minded individuals. Each individual in a coworking space is determined to work hard and achieve success.

Another reason coworking spaces are beneficial to remote workers is that it allows you to have an office space outside of your home. This is beneficial as it allows you to have a more structured environment to work in, which provides you with more stability. This also applies to the agile methodology, as working in a coworking space fosters a mindset of being result-driven. This stimulates a clear motivation that when you’re completing a task, you are placing personal responsibility for completing this task.

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