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Private Offices in Brampton

You are a couple of years into your business, and things are looking good. Business is better than ever been before. With all these wins, there are some concerns, space being one of them. Once a business starts to grow, you tend to grow out of your home office and might need a more professional space to bring clients or possible investors. With that in mind, financially, it still not be the right time to rent out an entire suite. Private offices are a good alternative, as it allows you to rent a private office that is the right size for yourself or your team. 

If you’re looking for a private office in Brampton, LAB B is a great place to look at. Our private offices are small enough for a private office for just yourself, or big enough for a team of six people. 

Having a private office is an amazing next step for your business because, you may already be used to having a mailing address, or working out of a dedicated desk. With a private office, you get all the perks of a coworking member such as free wifi, printing and free coffee. You will also get your own space. This space is not something you have to compromise you have to share with your children, as it feels when you work from home.

Reasons for you to get a Private Office


If you’re an individual who works from a coworking space, you might worry that you would have to leave your network behind. With the private offices available at LAB B, you won’t have to leave all the perks from working at a coworking space. You will still have access to a network of creative people who think just like you. Our private offices located in Brampton, offer your suite to be located within the coworking space so you don’t have to leave the creative atmosphere.

If you currently work from home and are thinking to rent out a private office, leasing one in a coworking space will give you the best of both worlds. You will have your own space while also having access to many different creatives who can help you with many aspects of your business, as well you being able to help them.  


With your business growing working from just a desk shared by others may not be the best option anymore. With a private office, you have a bigger space that no one except you will have access too. 


Whether you are solo or coming with a team of people, Private Offices come with ample storage room. Whereas at home you have to share storage for home life and work life, your private office can be used solely for your business. 

Mailing service 

Having a private office comes with a mailing address that has many benefits in itself. Not only will it help you separate your home and business life even more. It also helps to give your business a more professional reputation. *Here is a link to 10 reasons why having a mailing service if good for your business!*


Working from home is amazing when it comes to comfort. But as time goes on individuals get to comfortable and they lose routine. Having separated your work and home life through a private office will give you a routine, as it will be necessary for you to come into the office and focus on work. 


With your own private office you have access to socializing with the people at the coworking space, but also are able to work in peace and quiet environment away from the rest of the entrepreneurs.

Eases the challenge

Moving to a private office is a big move for businesses. It can be frightening to take that big of an expense. When moving to a private office in LAB B, it is cost-effective as you would not be responsible for paying any bills.

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