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Mailing Address: how it helps your business grow

There has been an increase in people leaving the corporate 9-5 work-life to start their businesses. A lot of these businesses are based at home as most entrepreneurs cannot start their businesses in an office with extra expenses. One way to make your business stand out amongst the others is to purchase a mailing address. This will help you build trust and credibility with clients and investors, as well as building a professional image for yourself. Having a mailing address in Brampton also allows you to have a professional meeting place with your prospective business collaborators so you no longer have to meet in noisy and overcrowded cafes and restaurants. If you save the money you typically spend on one week of dining out, you can pay for a mailing address for your business. Here are a few reasons why you should take the next step and invest in a mailing address in Brampton

Why You should apply for a mailing address 

Credibility with Clients

Getting a physical mailing address for your business will help because investors and clients feel more comfortable with businesses that have a professional address and contact information as it does not feel like the business may disappear the next day. Having a physical mailing address will help build trust and credibility with prospective clients and investors.

coworking space

Personal Professionalism 

As we see a rise in creative minds, a lot of businesses are home-based. Unfortunately, although not the case, a lot of the times clients and corporations picture a lazy person in Pyjamas when it comes to home businesses. A simple fix to that false image is applying for a mailing address. It allows others to believe you have a specific address for your business. It gives your business a more clean-cut look. 

Other Perks

Typically the place to sign up for a mailing address is at a coworking space. Enjoy the membership perks along with your mailing address. Drop-in with your clients and investors to host meetings and skip the noise of overcrowded cafes and restaurants. 


How you can apply for a mailing address: 

If you are interested in applying for a mailing address in Brampton, we would encourage you to go on this link (cobot) and receive your new mailing address. We will confirm your registration within 24 hours and you will be able to receive mail and packages at LAB B. Don’t miss out on the added perks to having a mailing address with LAB B, such as free drop-in meeting bookings, as well discount on event rental space.

LAB B is a coworking space located in Brampton that offers a mailing service plan for $40 a month. With this plan, you also have the ability to drop in once in a while to host meetings with clients and collaborators.

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