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Coworking Space Experience

An Interview with Arun Sharma, Entrepreneur

Working in a coworking space provides you with a unique work environment and experience. It allows you to network with other like-minded individuals while giving you an office space that you can make your home – all with the added benefit of unlimited coffee. Coworking spaces are becoming more of an uprising trend. More coworking spaces are popping up in a variety of areas not only in Toronto but also in the GTA, which makes it more convenient for individuals that live outside of the city. The importance of coworking spaces are that they provide your business a home. Read about Arun’s coworking experience at LAB B:

How long have you been working at LAB B?

I have been working at LAB B for about a month.

How has your experience been at LAB B so far? How has LAB B benefited you and your business?

My experience at LAB B has been great. Given that I am currently a full-time undergraduate student and actively exploring a few business ideas, LAB B is an ideal spot for me to get work done. The space is well-maintained, nearby home, has great wifi, table tennis, decent music, and a kitchenette. The space is also a small community consisting of LAB B staff, dedicated desk members, and high school co-op students. I was given the LAB B keys for 24/7 accessibility from the first day, which helped build a mutual sense of trust between myself and the LAB B staff.

In what ways is coworking better than a home-based workplace or working out of coffee shop?

Prior to joining LAB B, I would work at home, the Schulich Campus, Four Corners Library, Starbucks, or Second Cup. My main concern with working at home was simply getting distracted and with the other places, it was not having 24/7 access. Besides having 24/7 access, the way LAB B differentiates from working at the library is through being surrounded by a small community of people with similar entrepreneurial ambitions.

What advice would you give to early-stage entrepreneurs?

Work hard and put time into fostering your idea, but set timelines for your ambitions. New entrepreneurs will often find themselves endlessly planning and overthinking to point where they talk themselves out of their own idea.

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